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Catsup High Detective Agency

Ace detective Malarkey dips his claw into ink and writes out an advertisement for an assistant. The cats of Catsup have been vanishing and he’s going to need some help… help with special powers. The last thing he expects is a kitten. At first, Malarkey is sceptical, but young Sparkie with his new-found electrical abilities…

Dog Ears

Anna is thrilled to have a new baby brother, Jack. But Jack’s premature arrival has made Mum paranoid about his health. With Mum’s attention focused entirely on Jack, and Dad away on a business trip, Anna is very much left to fend for herself. Even her attempts to wash her school uniform come to nothing…

Finding Fortune

When Ida’s father decides to go to Klondike and join in the gold rush, she is determined to go with him and avoid the boarding school her stern grandmother is trying to send her to. She plans to stow away, and join her Fa on his great adventure. Together they undertake long voyages, cross treacherous…

Ramose: Prince in Exile

Ramose, son of the pharaoh, is a spoiled, selfish boy who lives a life of luxury and privilege in the royal palace. All of this changes when somebody tries to kill him and he is whisked away to safety by his tutor, Keneben. Ramose’s horror at what has happened is compounded by the realisation that…

The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers

Stumbling across a sinister old house, four adventurous friends inadvertently summon a helpful elf who offers to turn them into part-time animal superheroes. But The Chimp, Nightingale, KangaRuby and Slug Boy get more than they’d bargained for when the town of Tumchester is targeted by a gang of supervillains. Can the friends’ superpowers defeat the…

The Littlest Witch

Sybilla is the youngest of seven daughters, and her bright red hair isn’t the only thing that is different about her. A pet parrot and hostile cat act as guardians to her. She floats in water and she can fly on a broomstick. Meanwhile, the selfish and greedy Alfonso attempts to fulfil the conditions set…



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