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I am not embarrassed to say that I squealed with delight upon first seeing this book. After all, who doesn’t love the centuries-old tale which has captured book-lovers’ hearts for many generations, the world over? Based on the original Gulliver’s Travels by famed Irish author and satirist Jonathan Swift, what truly makes this edition stand…

What is a Crocodile’s Favourite Thing?

A curious monkey and his unfortunate sidekick, a ring-tailed lemur, attempt to answer the age-old question ’What is a crocodile’s favourite thing?’ in this offering from author-illustrator Ben Hawkes. In a series of hypotheses the comedic duo propose ideas such as ‘racing a car made out of a sausage’ or ‘doing ballet while dressed as…

Yeti and the Bird

Yeti and the Bird recounts the sweet tale and unlikely friendship between two very different characters. Poor Yeti is misunderstood by the animals in the forest and is very lonely. The other small animals are too afraid of this big, hairy, scary Yeti. That is, until a new arrival to the forest drops by after miscalculating…



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