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Archibald Lox

Darren Shan is an author synonymous with dark tales for teenagers. In his latest series, the story begins in on a busy bridge, where young Archie witnesses a girl disappear through a portal to escape two murderous thugs. When he discovers he has the ability to open the locked portal, Archie enters a strange universe…

Ocean of Blood

I'll be honest from the outset, I'd never read anything by Darren Shan and had no desire to.  And so it was with a heavy heart that I delved into the pages of Ocean of Blood, forced upon me as it was by one particularly cruel editor. “Too much gore”, I pleaded. “Not enough knee-trembling, earth-shattering romance”,…

The Saga of Larten Crepsley: Palace of the Damned

Let’s be quite clear here – as a horror author, part of me wanted to hate this. Darren Shan has been considered the master of children’s and young adult horror for over a decade now, and it’s high time one of us new guys got a chance at the title. But Shan doesn’t seem to…

Zom-B Bride

Shan opens Zom-B Bride on a tidal wave of mutant babies, delving into the heart of London’s sewers and the crazed mind of Mr Dowling himself in this latest instalment of the ‘Zom-B’ series. When B finds herself torn and tattered in the lair of her apparent enemy, the last thing she’d thought would be…

ZOM-B Mission

Spoilers! – A lot has happened to Becky Smith since London was overrun by Zombies – including encounters with mutants and killer clowns, gladiatorial fights, even zombification, but this could be her greatest test: a trip to London’s suburbs! This is the seventh book in a 12-part series, so not great for new readers (although…

Zom-B: Underground

The second book in the new series from master of horror Darren Shan. Months after a zombie outbreak, B Smith wakes up in a subterranean military complex as one of the undead. Along with a group of teenage ‘revitaliseds’ – zombies who still have some of their brain functions – B discovers that all is…



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