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Emily Lime – Librarian Detective: The Book Case

Daphne Blakeway is accosted at the train station on her first day at ‘St Rita’s School for Spirited Girls’ and asked to return a book to the school library. Following a bank robbery in town and a break in at the school, Daphne realises this book is hot property and someone will stop at nothing…

Life According to Dani

Dani is enjoying her summer holiday, spent on an island with her best friend Ella. They play all day long, build huts, dance in the sea, and swim five, six, seven times a day. They watch the moose swimming through the water and the sea eagles circling over the island. Sometimes Dani is a bit…

Shiny Pippin and the Broken Forest

It hasn’t rained for a year in Funsprings. The rivers and streams and lakes have dried up. The animals are vanishing. The Forest is broken. Pippin must fix this aberration of nature and bring the water back to Funsprings. But Pippin is just an ordinary girl living an ordinary life – a girl who loves…

The Clubhouse Mystery

Do you want to know a secret? Well, I can’t tell you. So begins The Clubhouse Mystery, a lively and funny book centred around Cass and her friends Lex and Nicholas. Together they comprise the Bubble Street Gang, a secret society named after the road on which they live (which is actually called Berbel Street,…



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