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History Year by Year

If you think History is boring, be prepared to think again! Beginning with the dawn of the human race, these writers have compiled a fascinating volume tracing the history of mankind and its wide array of achievements. Incorporating physical, cultural, social, political, military and religious history, this book explains every major event that has helped…

Science is Magic

Steve Mould, the physicist, comedian and popular YouTuber, brings his expertise and humour to a new book which demystifies the magic of magic tricks. In Science is Magic, not only is the science behind the impressive magic tricks explained, but Steve also teaches readers how to re-create these awe-inspiring tricks themselves, using common household items.…

Who’s in Charge?

‘Jaw jaw is better than WAR WAR.’ Churchill’s words sum up the aims of this book. Who’s in Charge? challenges children to think about what politics is all about. It encourages the reader to ask questions like, ‘who really runs the world?’, and to argue back. It is structured around four main ideas. These ideas…



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