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Dave Pigeon (Royal Coo!)

It’s the fourth book in the series. Haddow yet again tells a pigeontastic tale of the two comical pair of Dave and Skipper. Their latest cunning plan is to steal the food leftover from the Royal Palace Party. Once they arrive at the Palace gates, it’s not long till they meet the Royal Prince Raju…

Last-But-Not-Least Lola: Going Green

Lola is fed up of being last on the list at school. This is because her name is Z-for-Zuckermann. Much to Lola’s annoyance, her ex best friend, the perfect Amanda Anderson, is always first. But Lola has a plan. She decides that she is going to win her class’s Going Green contest. So that she…

North Child

The heroine Rose is the youngest of seven children and she is an unusual child. She is a North facing child meaning that she is to possess qualities such as wildness, restlessness and have an adventurous spirit. One night the family home is visited by the rare and powerful white polar bear, who promises good…



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