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Black Dove, White Raven

Elizabeth Wein’s third novel, Black Dove, White Raven, continues in the same vein as her previous and highly acclaimed works: a historical fiction depicting characters of exceptional courage and resourcefulness that defy the accepted cultural norms within which they must exist. The book follows its young protagonists Teo and Em, from the American South, where…

Code Name Verity

Set in World War 2, Code Name Verity tells the story of two best friends. Maddie, a pilot, and Quennie, a special operations executive, both striving to become the best in what is known to be a man’s world. When one of the girls is captured by the Gestapo she is tortured until she finally…


Firebird, by Elizabeth Wein, is an excellent crossover book for children looking to sink their teeth into something a little more involved than what they might be used to. Those with a knack for history are sure to find plenty to love about this gripping World War II novel. Nastia is a prodigy fighter pilot…



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