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In the Darkness of the Night

When you are asleep in bed, what does the world do? This rhyming picturebook takes the child on a night-time journey, guiding them through the sounds and sights of a city. Scary noises are explained – a creaking gate, foxes by bins, pipes and plumbing; reassuring young readers who may worry about sounds outside their…

The House Full of Stuff

The House Full of Stuff is about a man, Mr McDuff, who sees the potential to make, repair or create in everything. It is a gift. My father-in-law had the gift. You know someone with the gift. And they have a house full of stuff too. While Mr McDuff’s neighbours live in cookie-cutter houses with…

The Lost Property Office

A little girl and her mummy are on the way to visit Grandpa. They make their way through the busy train station, Mummy holding on to the little girl and the little girl holding onto her Teddy, but when they arrive at their destination, calamity strikes – Teddy is missing! Grandpa tries to help, but…



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