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I Really Want That Unicorn

Chloe Crocodile really wants that unicorn. But there is more at stake in this book than a unicorn, even a Big Sparkly Mellow Yellow Unicorn, and, ultimately, Chloe learns that friendship is more important than winning or unicorns. Chloe and Veronica must both bake rainbow cakes, make magic castles, sew unicorn fairy costumes and then…

Paws Off My Book

I love this gorgeous picturebook! It celebrates the joy of reading whilst at the same time encouraging diversity and individuality. Olaf the giraffe is delighted to have a great book to read – but his delight is soon tested by the enthusiasm of his other animal friends, who each try to convince him that their…

Tiger in a Tutu

Max is a Parisian zoo tiger with an unbridled passion for all things ballet. His self-esteem is knocked, though, when it transpires that the citizens of Paris would rather not be audience to an eight-foot-tall escaped tiger leaping and plié-ing his way across the city. What’s a tiger to do with all of his balletic…



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