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The newest addition to the Little Library series introduces young readers to a strong female figure in Irish history, Constance Markievicz, ‘the Rebel Countess’. A politician, a revolutionary and a suffragette, Constance Markievicz led a truly fascinating and impactful life. She played a significant role in Irish history, from campaigning and protesting for women’s voting…

Brian Boru: The Warrior King

Father and daughter duo John and Fatti Burke present the second in their series of biographies for children, each one focusing on an influential person from Irish history. This book tells the story of Clare man Brian Boru, the son of Cennétig chieftain of the Dál gCais clan, who at the age of twelve lost…


Following the success of Tracey Turner’s previous releases (How to Make a Human out of Soup, How Can a Pigeon Be a War Hero?, to name but a few), she has produced yet another wonderfully fascinating book of facts. This time, there is one for every day of the year! From astronomy to zoology, ancient…


After the outstanding success of their first collaboration, Irelandopedia, the talented father-and-daughter team, Fatti and John Burke are back with another gorgeous hardback. Historopedia charts 10,000 years of the story of Ireland. Beginning with the Middle Stone Age and moving right through to the Sixties, this is an impressive piece of time-travel through years of…

Irelandopedia: A Compendium of Maps, Facts and Knowledge

Take a tour of Ireland, county by county, in this marvellous compendium of maps, facts and knowledge. Fatti Burke's passion for map-making and Irish themes bursts forth from every gorgeously detailed double-page spread. John Burke has done his research, offering an interesting selection and immense range of facts. We find everything from national and local…

What the Dinosaurs Saw: Life on Earth Before Humans

Humans have lived on Earth for 200,000 years, but our planet has existed for nearly 4 billion. Track the history of planet Earth from our universe’s big bang beginnings to the days the first humans walked. In another brightly illustrated non-fiction from the award-winning writer and illustrator Fatti Burke, see how the Earth has changed…



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