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Aidan Abet Teacher’s Pet

Guy Bass, an award-winning author known for his series Stitch Head and Atomic!, is back with another hilarious and peculiar story where a very unpopular teacher’s pet takes on more than he can chew with the arrival of a new teacher. ‘Aidan Abet, teacher’s pet! Peed his pants and now they’re wet!’ These are the…

Stitch Head

Castle Grotteskew is home to the mad Professor Erasmus who creates hideously freakish monsters, each one more terrifying than the one before. Then there’s Stitch Head, the Professor’s first creation who is almost human and terribly alone – forgotten, he fears, by his creator. Stitch Head spends his days protecting the castle and the Professor,…

The Legend of Frog

They say “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but in this case, you should. Jonny Duddle’s wonderful design says it all – a valiant but incompetent looking frog wields a ray gun while behind him alien bipods blast a fairy-tale castle to smithereens. Onlookers include a spoiled princess, a bumbling wizard and an army…



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