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‘I taught Zibbo how to fly. Zibbo taught me how to… ROARRR!’ Amazing, the latest book from award-winning author and illustrator Steve Anthony (of the beloved Mr Panda series), is an uplifting and entertaining picturebook. Some families have pet dogs, others have gold fish, cats, guinea pigs or hamsters, but have you come across a…

Heartstopper (Volume 1)

Charlie is a shy drummer, trapped in a toxic relationship with an older boy. Nick is a rugby star who hangs out with the lads who used to bully Charlie. When they’re assigned seats beside each other in class, sparks unexpectedly fly, but both boys will have to break out of their social bubbles if…

Jane Austen’s Emma

The work of Jane Austen has fascinated readers of all ages for generations, since her first published novel, Sense and Sensibility in 1811. Widely regarded as a novelist writing ahead of her time, she created some of the most memorable, strong and complex female characters in English literature, including Elizabeth Bennett, Eleanor Dashwood and Anne…


Viv mostly keeps her head down at her football obsessed Texas high school. She doesn’t kick up a fuss when girls are pulled out of class for showing a hint of cleavage, while boys can wear T-shirts with sexually explicit slogans without seeming to violate the school’s dress code. She doesn’t even protest against ‘Bump…


Leo has spent his entire life in space, living on Moon Space Station 2. Along with his quasi-siblings, twins Orion and Libra, he completes grueling physical fitness tests, studies the onboard technology, and watches vintage Roadrunner cartoons. The Company that runs the Station have told the teens that they will eventually travel to Earth, but…

The Wizards of Once: Twice Magic

In the second instalment of Cowell’s The Wizards of Once, the adventures of Wish, a Warrior girl in possession of a powerful Magic Spelling Book, and Xar, a Wizard boy with a dangerous Witchstain on his hand, continue. Cowell masterfully creates a universe full of fearsome beasts who keep the story fast paced and firing…



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