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Alba: The Hundred Year Old Fish

Hawthorne’s picturebook conveys an important ecological message in a colourful and clear way aided by the use of glorious illustrations. Once you are enticed by the stunning front cover you will be further surprised and rewarded when you open the book by the lavishly creative endpapers showing the spectacular world of the coral reef. The…

Botany for Babies

This board book is part of a series of non-fiction titles introducing science to babies. Botany for Babies has colourful illustrations which set out interesting facts on the life cycle of a plant accompanied by simple text which further allows the reader to expand on the information given on each page. The cover has a…

The Gifted, The Talented and Me

Meet 15-year-old Sam and his family as they uproot from the familiar environs of their home in Stevenage to the bright lights of London, following a rise in the family’s fortunes. This move affects all members of the family and we read how they all try and cope with it in different ways. It causes…

The Secret of the Night Train

The stunning front and back cover illustrations by Marco Guadalupi cry out to you to pick up this book. Once inside you are not disappointed as you discover an exciting tale of a train adventure undertaken by an 11-year-old girl called Max and her chaperone nun called Sr. Marguerite, spanning European cities from Paris to…



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