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Amazing Expeditions: Journeys that Changed the World

Discover the amazing stories and follow the nail-biting journeys of some of the world’s most heroic and extraordinary explorers, including Marco Polo, Magellan, Norgay and Hillary, Ellen MacArthur and Neil Armstrong. Throughout history, explorers have set out to discover new territories by land, sea, air and space. Many of these brave pioneers have the tales…

Brain Twisters

Ever think about thinking? How do you feel what you feel? Do your senses make sense of everything? This book is the follow up to the award winning Eye Benders, and this time Clive Gifford introduces readers to the fascinating world of neurological science, specifically what the brain does; how it senses, feels and remembers.…

Science Ideas in 30 Seconds

'30 breakthrough theories for junior geniuses explained in half a minute' Ever wanted to know about: the Ancient Greeks, The Scientific Revolution, Age of Reason, Modern Industry, Modern Science and Science Now? Well, look no further – this book has it all. Jammed-packed with information, succinct explanations, clear illustrations and diagrams, Dr Mike Smith's Science…

This Is Not Another Maths Book

Readers are challenged to decide whether this is a maths book or an art book. Personally I come down on the side of art! Anna Weltman has done it again, effortlessly putting the STEAM into STEM, she has created a terrific follow up to her 2016 Educational Writers’ Award winning This is Not a Maths…



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