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From beginning to end Heartsong is an enchanting read. It is a real collaboration between author and illustrator, and the result is spellbinding, as though this captivating book has been bound together by magic and charms.    As a baby, Laura is given to the nuns in the Ospedale della Pieta orphanage in Venice. Laura…


Ornithology and anthropology, the wonders of biology and the beauty of story, meet in this gorgeously presented narrative about the hummingbird. Their incredible migration north and the joy they bring to the lives of people in Latin America, at sea in the Pacific, and those living in New York City provide the backdrop for understanding…

The Emperor’s Nightingale and Other Feathery Tales

Birds are the common theme uniting all the stories and poems in this wonderful and attractive anthology. There are twelve tales from a wide variety of sources. Ray begins the collection with Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Happy Prince’, a bittersweet story of generosity and love, and follows it with ‘Mulungu Paints the Birds’, a creation myth…

Worry Angels

There have been so many changes in Amy-May’s young life. The family has separated from her wonderful, yet troubled artist Dad; they’ve moved house far from her lovely cottage with a garden and fresh sea air; and now, she is so filled with anxiety, she can’t go to school. It’s just too much for her.…

Zeraffa Giraffa

The poignant story of a baby giraffe, Zeraffa, who is captured in Africa by Egyptian hunters, and sent by the Pasha of Egypt as a gift to the King of France. Zeraffa's epic journey takes her down the Nile and across the Mediterranean to Marseilles, from where she walks to Paris with her loving minder,…



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