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A Mouse Called Julian

Julian is what you could call a creature of habits, or be precise, a mouse of habits! From his little crawl spot, far from the dangerous outside world and away from all the other underground inhabitants, he lives a peaceful and well-ordered life. That is, until a fox decides to have Julian for dinner… Yet,…

Arthur and the Golden Rope

Within the Brownstone vault lie multiple treasures collected over thousands of years by that enterprising and adventurous family. But the most astounding treasure is the collection of books written by Brownstones through the ages, a collection which is sure to inspire an echoing series of Flying Eye books. This very first book is the incredible…

Everest: The Remarkable Story of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay

There is so much to recommend in this account of how a beekeeper and a former yak herder became the first people to stand on the roof of the world. It is of course an excellent read for any child with a sense of adventure. But it is about much more than the race to…

Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx (Brownstone’s Mythical Collection)

Marcy finds it hard to believe that the tales of adventure and exploration told to her by her father Arthur are anything more than just that – exciting stories. She just can’t see how her slightly portly dad could be that brave, especially when the creatures from her dad’s amazing adventures fill the shadows at…

The Secret of Black Rock

Erin loves the sea and longs to be able to go out with her mother on her fishing boat. Erin’s fishing town lives under the shadow of dark legend, however, and no one, least of all her mother, is going to let her go out to sea. Unable to suppress her curiosity any longer, Erin…



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