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Botany for Babies

This board book is part of a series of non-fiction titles introducing science to babies. Botany for Babies has colourful illustrations which set out interesting facts on the life cycle of a plant accompanied by simple text which further allows the reader to expand on the information given on each page. The cover has a…


The subject of holes may seem like a strange and dull choice for a children’s book. However, Holes is a beautiful and compelling book, which is a joy to explore. The author investigates what makes a hole a hole and attempts to show us how holes shape our world. He does so in a way…


Read your way around the world with some of history’s greatest story makers. Discover some amazing expeditions, including that of Nobu Shirase – who raced Scott and Amundsen to the South Pole – and Henry ‘Box’ Brown – a slave who posted himself to freedom. Recounting the stories of some of the bravest and most…



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