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Beaky Malone: World’s Greatest Liar

Barry Hutchison has form when it comes to comedy writing for children (The Shark-Headed Bear Thing and many more), and his new character Beaky Malone is another winner. If this was a film, the tagline would be: ‘What happens when the world’s biggest liar enters a truth machine?’ The set-up introduces us to Beaky’s dysfunctional…

Mark and Shark: Detectiving and Stuff

Close friends Mark (a boy) and Shark (a shark) have set up a new business. Their areas of expertise: detectiving and stuff.  While Mark enthusiastically awaits his first client, an angry polar bear darkens their doorstep, requesting help with… stuff.  Join this human/predatory-fish duo as they encounter feuding ice-cream van owners, feral toasters and a…



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