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Clover Twig and the Perilous Path

Meet, once again, Clover Twig, housekeeper for Mrs Eckles, a somewhat grumpy and unpredictable witch. In her second adventure while in the employ of Mrs Eckles, we journey with Clover as she deals with the malevolent nature of some of the characters that she comes into contact with. Clover is warned that the Perilous Path…

Meet the Weirds

When my seven-year-old devours a trilogy over an hour or so, I know I'm on to a good thing. We've been here before with writer Kaye Umansky, whose creations include Pongwiffy, the polluted witch, and the bumbling Sir Quinton Quest who hunts the Yeti. This time, the theme is a twist on the classic Odd…

The Queen’s Tale

Wicked stepmothers sometimes get a bit of a hard time in fairytales, but in Kaye Umansky’s retelling of Snow White it’s difficult not to have at least a little sympathy for the vain yet charismatic narrator. Sure, she’s a little evil – she mixes poisons in her secret lair, spends all of her husband’s money on shoes,…

Wilma’s Wicked Spell

I always wondered why the date stamp pages of Umansky books in the school library needed to be replaced so often. Now I know. She tells a great story. Wilma, a trainee witch with attitude, goes on work experience to Great Aunt Angria at the aptly named Starkacre. Angria is the Thirteenth Faerie, the one…



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