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A Bunch of Daisies

This new Daisy book has a pick-and-mix of four short stories and some puzzles which are great fun and full of sly jokes, which 3 – 6-year-olds will love. Daisy’s interactions with her somewhat frustrated Mum are humorously observed, as she attempts to liberate a much-desired cream biscuit from the bottom of the tin without…

Daisy and the Trouble with Burglars

Daisy’s back and she’s in more trouble than ever! When a number of burglaries happen right in Daisy’s very own town, there is a lot of worry and excitement. Two houses on a nearby street have been robbed, not to mention the fish and chip shop. The burglars even got away with a lot of…

Daisy Books

Kes Gray’s new hardback, Yuk! is set in a typeface charmingly called ‘Lemonade’, which aptly sets the tone for this zesty, brightly coloured and bittersweet picturebook with real bite. Daisy is a thoroughly modern miss who does not ‘do’ dresses. So when she’s asked to be bridesmaid at her Auntie Sue’s wedding she is horrified.…

Think Big!

Humpty Dumpty has a bit of a dilemma: he wants to be a boiled egg when he grows up, but his friends think this is an utterly ridiculous idea. Jack Be Nimble and Little Miss Muffet and even the Incey Wincey Spider offer alternative, more sensible career options. Why not an artist? A detective? A…



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