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Reynold’s book follows the story of Ghost, real name Castle Cranshaw. He stumbles upon The Defenders, an elite running team, one day as he wanders around his neighbourhood, meeting Coach, who recognises his natural talent for sprinting. Ghost joins the team with the other newbies Lu, Patina and Sunny, but needs to stay on the…

High Rise Mystery

Knights Of is the amazing new publishing house for children’s books started by David Stevens and Aimée Felone, set up to address the imbalance in children’s publishing and to offer a window into different worlds. Figures from Book Trust Represents from the period 2007 – 2017 showed that just 5.6% of published UK children’s authors…

Look Both Ways

When the school bell rings the walkers are finally set free. For ten blocks there are no parents or teachers telling them what to do. They can talk about bogies, make jokes, face bullies, and hear about the school bus that fell from the sky. In ten blocks and ten tales we find out what…



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