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Bird House

From cover to cover this book is a journey of discovery into the world of birds. Why do birds need houses and does one size fit all? These and lots more questions are answered in this lift-the-flap book which is teeming with information on how we can provide a safe and welcoming habitat for our…

In Focus Forests: Wilderness, Wonders, Wildlife

In Focus Forests is an accessible and unique non-fiction book. Although there is a distinct lack of an overall introduction to the book, there is an impressive amount of interesting information here. Aside from the stories of trees and forests, there are facts on animals, history and science, as well as information on weather, geography,…

In Focus: Cities

This book is a gloriously colourful tour through some of the world’s most important cities. Taking a collaborative approach, ten illustrators take one location each to convey something of the geography, culture, and unique colour of each place. Whether it is the vibrant streets of New York or the sumptuous sunset-soaked skyline of Istanbul, the…



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