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Tom lives with his father and their lodger, Phil. Mum is absent, presumably not long gone. She phones every morning, but Tom refuses to talk to her. When Dad brings home a gangly puppy, it feels like the first and best good thing to happen to Tom in a long time and he names the…

Girls Who Changed The World

From the author of Girls Who Rocked the World comes another volume of inspirational narratives for girls. Its overall message is that anything is possible. As she says on the cover: ‘Going after your dream doesn’t have to wait – be empowered by these incredible women and start changing the world now.’ The author has…


Lydia is nearly 13 and, as far as she is concerned, her father’s decision to sell the large family home two years after her mother’s death and move his three children into a leaky Thames sailing barge in Essex, will totally ruin her life. Add to the mix three soon-to-be step-siblings, a new step-Mum and…

My Brigadista Year

It’s 1961 in Cuba. Fidel Castro has been in power for two years. Posters appear in schools asking for an army of voluntary teachers aged 10-19 to spread literacy countrywide within twelve months. Idealistic and bookish 13-year-old Lora, who feels restricted by her mother’s expectations to do with gender and circumstance, is determined to go.…

The Boy Who Hit Play

Asked to make a wish on his 12th ‘Discovery Day’, Elvis finally asks why he was left as a baby on a bench in the zoo, the word HELP written on his babygro. Since the only clue to his identity seems to be the Norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten, in which he was wrapped, Elvis sets off…

The Extraordinary Colours of Auden Dare

In a dry and barren future world, Auden and his mum relocate to the Cambridge cottage they inherited from his uncle, the scientific genius Professor Jonah Bloom. Auden has achromatopsia, which means he can’t see colour at all. (The title is a bit misleading.) Mostly, he’s fine with his condition, even if the bullies aren’t,…



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