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A World of Plants

This oversized book is a real treasure trove of amazing facts about the plant world laid out in a very clear and simple way. The author’s vast knowledge on the subject matter is evident as we learn about the importance of plants for human life and their part in regulating the Earth’s climate. This is…

Caterpillar and Bean

This new picturebook is the fourth in Walker’s Science Storybook series. Described as a ‘science storybook about growing’, it introduces the life cycle of the bean plant and the butterfly to very young readers. The main text and illustrations describe the life cycles in a storytelling format; additional facts are provided in the form of…

Exploring Space: From Galileo to the Mars Rover and Beyond

Endeavouring to give the reader a broad overview of the history of space exploration, Jenkins begins with the pioneers of early astronomy, moves on to the history of the telescope, the development of rockets and the ensuing Space Race and takes a look at the Golden Age of Space Travel and the historic feat of…

Life: The First Four Billion Years

From the author of Can we Save the Tiger?, Exploring Space, and the Kate Greenaway award-winning adaptation of Gulliver’s Travels, this book tells the story of the universe: how it began, how the Milky Way was formed and how Earth and the other planets that make up our galaxy came into being. Life, The First…



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