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Fearsome Dreamer

Fearsome Dreamer is an alt-future fantasy, taking place in a strange world that slowly reveals itself to be our own, far down an alternative timeline. In this future, the nations of Earth have united to form ‘World’ – a technologically advanced coalition of all countries bar one, its opposite in terms of development: ‘Angle Tar’ is…

Mr Tweed’s Good Deeds

Flying Eye Books, and their ‘parent’ NoBrow, make beautiful objects out of books. Nothing passes through their presses that isn’t lovingly crafted. The weight and texture of the paper, the colourful, perfectly rigid covers (always beautifully designed and illustrated) combine in each instance to make a treasure-tome to be cherished. That is their raison d’etre:…

The Girl with the Parrot on her Head

In Daisy Hirst’s beautifully kooky book The Girl With the Parrot on her Head, the girl of the title is called Isabel and she has a friend called Simon (as well as the aforementioned parrot). When Simon suddenly moves away, the loss is felt keenly and after a period of hating ‘everything’, Isabel’s coping mechanisms…



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