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Be Resilient: How to Build a Strong Teenage Mind for Tough Times

Life can be tough, especially for teenagers. There is a mountain of pressures and responsibilities that young people face every day such as school, work, socialising, hobbies and social media. They are beginning to understand more about world politics and global warming and with this can come anxiety. Life can become overwhelming, and it can…

Blame My Brain

Moody, impulsive, untidy, sleepy, rude, unthinking, risk-taking. Does this describe your adolescent son or daughter? If so, then read this book, because you can blame it all on the teenage brain if you want. Nicola Morgan, a special needs teacher with an interest in neuroscience and a racy style honed on teenage novel-writing, gives a…

The Awesome Power of Sleep

At a time when teenagers lead busy lives both on and offline, and many are sleeping less than before, the award-winning teenage well-being expert Nicola Morgan looks at the all-important fundamentals of sleep for teens. Broken down into accessible chapters that balance science with practical advice, Morgan looks at the necessity of good sleep, especially…

The Teenage Guide to Stress

Wow, why was this book not around for my children – not to mention myself? This is the follow up to Blame My Brain, a guide to the biology behind teenage behaviour. On this occasion Nicola Morgan tackles the more external sources of stress that modern teenagers often deal with: relationships, social media and cyber-bullying,…


Jack simply craves control. Ever since the teenager lost two mothers – his birth Mum while in labour with him and his Stepmum in an accident, which he believes, mistakingly, he caused – he’ll leave nothing to chance. As he explains to the lovely Jess – with whom he falls madly in love – he…



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