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A Strange Kind of Brave

Right from the first line, Fitzgerald’s novel immediately drops the reader into the middle of the action, using a very unexpected and chilling point of view from the villain of the story. The very beginning of the novel gives the reader a picture of what is yet to come, which makes it all the more…

Superhero Street

Fans of author Phil Earle’s Demolition Dad will be thrilled to get their hands on Superhero Street, the second in this brilliant, funny series featuring the residents of Storey Street. Well written, with sharp humour and genuine warmth, this face-paced tale tells the story of ‘Mouse’, an ordinary 10-year-old boy who is somewhat obsessed with…

The Astonishing Colour of After

The Astonishing Colour of After is the début novel by American author, Emily X.R. Pan. This brave novel tells the story of American-Chinese Leigh, a teenaged girl who has just lost her mother to suicide. The reader travels with Leigh on her journey to Taiwan, where she meets her mother’s estranged parents for the first…

The Bone Sparrow

Zana Fraillon is a children’s author from Australia, moved to highlight the present day humanitarian crisis of asylum seekers and the routine internment of refugees. While her novel is fictional, it is founded in fact and focuses on the plight of the Rohingya people in Myanmar. The Bone Sparrow, like many books based on real…

The Cloak of Feathers

In the town of Knockmealldown, the forbidden f-word is Fairy. The recent annual Summer Festivals have been disasters. This year, the Junior Festival Committee (Cow Fetching Sub-group) consists of three twelve-year-olds, Brian Nolan, and the cousins Derek and Helen. Once a century, the Fairy Folk visit, expecting a Great Festival. When they arrive, Brian manages…

The Secret Life of Daisy Fitzjohn

For Daisy, the world is Brightwood Hall, a crumbling mansion past its glory days. She lives there with just her Mum and she has never left… ever. This isolation has left her with an unusual collection of friends from her pet rat Tar, to the haughty and sometimes scary inhabitants of the family portraits, to…



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