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Astro Girl

This is the perfect book if you want to introduce pre-school children to the wonder of space travel. Little Astrid wants to be an astronaut and has always been fascinated by everything about space. Her father encourages her in a playful way. He swings her around to see if she would like to spin around…

Chicken on the Roof

Poetry, profundity and high comedy combine in this brilliant book of sparkling poems from Matt Goodfellow. The absurdity of chickens stuck on rooftops, hedgehogs wincing through the backstroke, talking baked bean tins, a cat relieving itself in a grandparent’s beard, reflections on loss, the passage of time, the importance of place, and the grandeur of…

Riding a Donkey Backwards

Khayaal Theatre, one of the parties behind the composition of Riding a Donkey Backwards came into being to help people move away from the narrow views they might have of Muslim culture. This book, which also enjoys the writing skills of Sean Taylor and the illustrative work of Shirin Adl, admirably fulfils this aim and…



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