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Above and Below

Perfect for nature lovers, this lift-the-flap book gives a summary of many ecosystems on our planet presented alongside luscious illustrations of flora and fauna. From the rainforest to the savannah, we get an A-Z of natural habitats. We are presented a generalised list of the creatures and plants that occupy these areas, as well as…

Everybody’s Welcome

Written in rhythmic rhyme, this warm tale is being marketed unnecessarily at the politically aware parent. The links to a political unease or a refugee crisis are not going to appeal to children, but this lovely book, with its sense of community and busy, productive animals, will. A well-produced book, the colour is rich and…

On Sleepy Hill

On Sleepy Hill, it’s time to say goodnight. All the baby animals are returning to their homes to settle down for the night. Fox cubs, ducklings, geese and caribou are all being rounded up by their parents to settle in burrows, nests and hollows. Tumbling, bobbing and swooping, the little ones are determined to get…



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