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Cool Coding

Code tells a computer what to do. Each individual directive is very simple, but, when combined into a program, can accomplish amazingly complex tasks, including games. Many coders begin as hobbyists before turning professional. Code can be written in a myriad of programming languages. Different languages are optimised for specific tasks, and all have unique…

Cool Kids Cook

I love this book. Simple, modern recipes are complemented with witty yet instructional illustration and gorgeous, fun photos featuring a diverse cast of kids enjoying themselves. Jenny Chandler is a cookery teacher in Leiths, among other prestigious schools, and it shows. This is no coffee-table book. There is no sense of worthiness here and absolutely…

Don’t Leap, Larry!

Larry Lemming is a lemming just like any other – except he’s not. Larry is very much his own lemming, and he does his own thing even when his friends can’t seem to understand why. He goes sledging with the puffins because he wants to, he wears a top hat because he knows he looks…



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