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A Big Garden

This large-format picturebook offers a visual extravaganza that takes the reader through a gardening year, incorporating images of what is growing or blooming. However, it is not a standard non-fiction guide, but a poetic exploration. The text is both fanciful and factual, so this is a book to share and discuss. For example, the entry…

Birds and Their Feathers

Teckentrup’s work needs no introduction to people who read picturebooks. She is author of The Egg; Under the Same Sky; Neon Leon, and many more. What they all have in common is beautiful artwork and this is no exception. I don’t use the word ‘stunning’ lightly, but it is deserved here. If you know a…

My Little Book of Big Questions

This is a book about the big questions everyone asks at some stage in their lives: What will become of me? Is it possible to think of nothing? Why can’t I fly? Is it possible to feel too happy? Britta Teckentrup doesn’t answer the questions, but leafing through this attractive picturebook should encourage many interesting…

Oskar loves…

A picturebook from Britta Teckentrup is something to be looked forward to and treasured and Oskar loves… is no exception. Oskar himself is an endearing black bird who despite being depicted in flat planes of colour somehow appears warm and almost cuddly. Through the pages we are shown the things he loves: the sea, grass,…



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