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Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species

Sabina Radeva, who wrote and illustrated this beautiful book, set herself quite a task on explaining Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution to children. She knows her science though – she’s a molecular biologist who was determined to mix science and art to make Darwin’s theory accessible for youngsters. She’s succeeded admirably by breaking it down…

Little Badman and the Invasion of the Killer Aunties

Humza is determined he is going to make it big. With his sidekick, aka best friend Umer, by his side, how could he fail to realise his potential to become the greatest rapper Eggington has ever seen or heard? The problem is it’s hard to follow your path to greatness when it is blocked by…

Positively Izzy

Libenson’s graphic novel follows two girls and their struggles to navigate middle school. Izzy is a dreamer who loves acting and drama, but struggles to focus on her work, which leads to frustration at home, while Bri is a straight A student, who wants to be seen for more than her brain. Izzy and Bri’s…



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