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A Greyhound of a Girl

'Love', wrote the poet Cecil Day-Lewis, ‘is proved in the letting go.'  It is a quotation which would easily serve as an epigraph for Roddy Doyle’s sixth children’s book, a novel which, in the opinion of this reviewer at least, surpasses any of his previous achievements in his writing for a young readership. It is…


A Black Dog, depression, hangs over Dublin as recession bites – and only children can stop it. Uncle Ben has just lost his job and his house, and has moved in with Gloria and Raymonds’ parents. The children love Uncle Ben, and decide to help him to get rid of the Black Dog and recover…

Rover and the Big Fat Baby

Another adventure from Rover and the Gigglers, this fast-paced story is guaranteed to provide the reader with numerous chuckles. The Big Fat Baby has gone missing, so Rover and his side-kick Messi, have to find her. In the meantime, Rover’s business, providing the Gigglers with poo, has a big order on and that has to…



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