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Amazing Women: 101 Lives to Inspire You

As its title suggests, this is an amazing resource for young girls and boys, with a vast selection of women who have changed the world in some way. Potted biographies stand alongside glorious illustration. Some of the names are familiar – Michelle Obama, Helen Keller – but others such as Shirin Ebadi and Radia Perlman…

Black Dog

This year’s winner of the Kate Greenaway medal, awarded to outstanding books for children, Pinfold’s Black Dog is an exciting, whimsical story that explores what it means to be scared and how to overcome your fears. The hero of our story is Small “(for short)”, a clever little girl who is brave where the rest of her…

The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm

Once upon a time (2011, to be precise), there was a new book of fairytales that lay nestled on a shelf. In it entails your favourite cautionary tales, charming princes in disguise, little men old and wise, damsels in towers, and witches with powers. (However it doesn’t have much rhyming.) In its first republishing in…



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