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In the Mouth of the Wolf

Morpurgo’s latest novel begins with two brothers, Francis and Pieter, each as different from the other as one can imagine. On the evening of his ninetieth birthday, Francis looks back on his experiences in the Second World War and the events and people that would shape both of their lives forever. This takes him from…

Lubna and Pebble

Lubna’s best friend is a pebble. Lubna finds Pebble the night that she arrives on the beach, bringing her new friend with her to the world of tents. She tells Pebble everything: about her journey to the world of tents, her brothers, her home and the war. When Lubna is frightened, she tells Pebble stories. Lubna takes care…

Winter in Wartime

Dutch classic Jan Terlouw’s Winter in Wartime sees its first English translation in this Pushkin press edition. It is the Winter of 1944 and Nazi-occupied Holland is on its last legs. Hunger and hardship are rampant, as the Dutch people wait in desperate hope for Allied liberation. When fifteen-year-old Michiel finds an injured British pilot…



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