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Beads, Boys & Bangles, Hanging on to the Fashion Dream…

Beads, Boys & Bangles is the sequel to Bennett’s very successful first novel, Threads. In Threads, Nonie, Jenny and Edie, three girls from London, befriended Crow, a young Ugandan refugee who turned out to be a fashion prodigy. The sequel, which can also be read independently, opens with the launch of Crow’s first high street…

Chop, Chop, Mad Cap!

Juliette Saumande has written several picturebooks in French, and translated many others, but this is her first book for children in English. It tells the story of Madgie M. Cappock, or Mad Cap for short, and her attempts to set up a Rent-a-Hero agency with her best friend, Norbert Soup. Mad Cap is a messy…

The Bigger Picture: Women Who Changed the Art World

This is the best art and artist book ever! It starts in alphabetical order examining amazing female artists individually and in depth. Each entry has a small blurb about the artist in bold, a quick way to get introduced to our dynamic female artists. As the book continues there are fun and quirky pages sprinkled…

The Look

Modern society claims that we all want to be thin, rich, beautiful and famous. But as anyone with any memory of being a teenager will attest, at that age, really all you want to do is fit in. So it is with Ted Trout, a lanky teenager with a strange surname, whose awkward physical attributes…



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