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And For Your Information… (A Butterfly Novel)

The second of Denise Deegan’s popular Butterfly novels, this story reacquaints us with the same group of privileged teens we met in the first instalment but shifts the focus from Alex to Sarah. This time, the recession has hit the South County Dublin masses, at least as far as Sarah’s life is concerned. Financial pressures…

Before We Say Goodbye

Gabriella Ambrosio’s first novel, Before We Say Goodbye, paints an unforgettable picture of modern-day Jerusalem in all its war-worn reality, as seen through the eyes of two teenage girls of opposing sides: Myriam, an Israeli Jew who is mourning the loss of her best friend, and Dima, a Palestinian Arab who feels compelled to avenge…

Divine Freaks (Kitty Slade)

Out of the hustle and bustle of the exciting and eccentric Portobello Market in London emerges the story of Kitty Slade, a girl with a strange secret. At age 13, Kitty develops the rare and decidedly bothersome (but kind of cool) condition of Phantorama – the ability to see ghosts. She then finds herself being…


A mysterious letter suggestive of a terrible tragedy leads Phoenix, his father and his cousin Rose to spend the summer at Gravenhunger Manor: secret property of Phoenix’s recently deceased mother and officially the creepiest place on earth. Fact. Eerie goings on and frightening warnings don’t stop Phoenix from trying to solve his mother’s mystery and,…

Soldier Dog

Sam Angus’s début novel is likely to be a success, due to its action-packed narrative, the author’s skill in capturing emotion and, perhaps most significantly, because her chosen subject matter – animals in battle – has proved to be popular in children’s literature and film in recent years. Although the title, plot and theme are decidedly…

The Boy Who Speaks in Numbers

This quirky little book tells the story of a young boy forced to leave his rural village for a crowded refugee camp at the height of the civil war and political unrest in Sri Lanka.  As the title suggests the main protagonist is a unique individual who feels more at home in the company of…



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