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Above and Below

Perfect for nature lovers, this lift-the-flap book gives a summary of many ecosystems on our planet presented alongside luscious illustrations of flora and fauna. From the rainforest to the savannah, we get an A-Z of natural habitats. We are presented a generalised list of the creatures and plants that occupy these areas, as well as…

An Artist’s Alphabet

This lavishly illustrated book gives a creative and innovative method of applying links between the letters of the alphabet and the everyday objects that surround us. Messenger’s long history of illustration is evident in the vintage style of illustration. The pages are decorated with a washed pastel tone, in a quintessentially English style. This book…


Following the success of Tracey Turner’s previous releases (How to Make a Human out of Soup, How Can a Pigeon Be a War Hero?, to name but a few), she has produced yet another wonderfully fascinating book of facts. This time, there is one for every day of the year! From astronomy to zoology, ancient…

I Like Bees, I Don’t Like Honey!

Inspired by real contributors and responses, I Like Bees… I Don’t Like Honey! explores the likes and dislikes of various children. A début for both Sam Bishop and Fiona Lumbers, this picturebook is a lovely, thought-provoking read. Bishop’s interactive, rhyming text is both fun and inspiring. The overall message is one of accepting difference and…

Two Can

Two Can tells a tale of a sister and her ‘pestering’ little brother as he tries to join in her fun. She feels proud that she can swing high on the swing set even though her brother can’t, and she does not want him interfering with the amazing sandcastle she has perfected. However, she realises…



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