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How to Put a Whale in a Suitcase

The cover of Spanish artist Guridi’s simple-seeming but profoundly philosophical work encapsulates how a small problem can be metaphor for a very big theme. An image of a small child (boy?) with a little suitcase by his side, holding a very large red whale over his head illustrates the quandary addressed in the title.  The…

In the Darkness of the Night

When you are asleep in bed, what does the world do? This rhyming picturebook takes the child on a night-time journey, guiding them through the sounds and sights of a city. Scary noises are explained – a creaking gate, foxes by bins, pipes and plumbing; reassuring young readers who may worry about sounds outside their…

Tate Kids Modern Art Activity Book

This creatively formatted activity book introduces young readers to ten different modern artists. The diversity of the subjects is better than you’ll find in a lot of galleries: seven male and three female, five European, one African and four American.  There’s a lovely range of style and shape to the book, and the activities suggested…

What’s That Noise? (This book is calling you…)

Translated from the Portuguese, this is in every way an artist’s book as well as a picturebook. The images incorporate dots and symbolic forms that are simplified and diagrammatic versions of glasses, traffic cones, fruit and landscape. The reader is taken on a journey from an urban environment through forests, across rivers and towards a…



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