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Dear Mr President

I love this little book. I am going to send a copy to every adult I know – well every parent maybe – so that they have an excuse to keep it. It is, as they say, so on the money. Sophie Siers is an award-winning New Zealand children’s author who tells it like it…

I Say Boo, You Say Hoo

A seemingly clueless narrator has a number of apparently random demands for us the audience: whenever they say ‘boo’, we must shout ‘hoo’, whenever we see a tree we’re to say ‘me’ and every time we spot the colour blue we have to yell ‘stinky poo’. Add to the mix a little ghost afflicted with…

The Boy Who Knew Nothing

Following The Elephant in the Room, The Boy Who Knew Nothing is the latest book from this successful duo. The sing-song rhythm of the text is matched by the unique look of the illustrations. While the pictures might be an acquired taste for some, others will recognise the Comic Expressionist psychedelia of the 1960s (think…



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