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A Rainbow in My Pocket

Poetry from the perspective of a child is not easily written by adults, but in tender tones Ali Seidabadi captures the world in a way which will reflect and inspire the minds of young readers. Whether it is the culturally enriching experience of reading Persian poetry, or the accessibility lent to it by Azita Rassi’s…

Chalk Eagle

Tiny Owl independent publishers state on their website that they are committed to producing beautiful, original books for children, books that are visually rich and conceptually meaningful. Chalk Eagle is a worthy addition to their collection. This is a ‘silent’ or ‘wordless’ picturebook. The central character is a little boy who, although seemingly alone (apart…


DARE is a poetic manifesto for children, encouraging them to live loud and clear, to stand up for what they believe in, and to be unafraid of making their own mark on the world. Captured in couplets that belie the punch this book packs, Lorna Gutierrez’s writing sparkles and speaks direct to the heart, without…


Amir is worried about a monster under the bed. His dad can’t help him because the Monster might bring his own dad. His mum might fight him off, but what if the monster’s mum shows up? A modern retelling of a tale from Rumi, a 13th-century Persian poet, scholar, and Sufi mystic, this is probably…

Quill Soup

Collected and retold by Alan Durant, Quill Soup is a South African variant of the folk tale known in Europe as ‘Stone Soup’. Noko the porcupine arrives to a new village with an empty stomach looking for food. The villagers pretend they have none so as not to have to share with this stranger. Noko…

Under the Great Plum Tree

Inspired by her mother’s tales about the Indian jungle, Sufiya Ahmed’s story begins when a kind-hearted monkey, Miss Bandari, spots that an old crocodile, Mr Magarmach is sad. From her plum tree home, she offers him some fruit to cheer him up. A close friendship blossoms with Mr Magarmach visiting her every day, to share…



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