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Captain Rosalie

Ever since her father left for the war, Rosalie is on a mission. Sitting at the back of a classroom of older boys she has been exceptionally allowed in, the five-year-old is focusing on the blackboard, trying to teach herself how to read. Letters are the only tie she has left to her father, and…

Skyward (The Story of Female Pilots in WWII)

Hazel has been raised in San Francisco, Marlene, in the English countryside and Lilya spent her childhood in a small town in Russia. Separated by thousands of kilometers, those three young women have a passion in common: planes, and the sense of freedom that flying allows. Not easy if you were born at a time…

Suffragette: The Battle For Equality

At the occasion of the centenary of women’s vote in the United Kingdom, David Robert’s prose and illustrations come together beautifully in a tribute to the women and men who participated in the struggle. Starting in 1832 with the first Great People’s Reform Act, Suffragette records chronologically the important events leading up to Universal Suffrage.…

The Rescue of Bunny Wunny

Ever since she was born, Imelda has clung unto her favourite toy: Bunny Wunny. But the love she gives her “precious toy” is a tough one and for better or for worse – mostly worse in this case ­– the poor stuffed rabbit follows wherever she goes. Until one day, Bunny Wunny has had enough…

The Surface Breaks

Louise O’Neill’s reimagining of the Little Mermaid goes past the fairytale filter most of us have inherited from the 1990s cartoon and restores the original grit (and sometimes downright sinister touch) of Andersen’s original tale. The premise is the same: Gaia doesn’t fit in her father’s kingdom and dreams of escaping to the world beyond…

Treasure Hunt House

On a sunny Tuesday in October, a brother and a sister receive a mysterious letter by their great-aunt Martha: an invitation to visit her. However, upon arriving at the house, Martha is not there. Instead, the children are led by the housekeeper in a treasure hunt that takes them throughout the house. The plot of…



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