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Felix’s New Skirt

The title summarises this ploddingly predictable picturebook; Felix has a new skirt and is keen, indeed doggedly determined, that his parents allow him to wear it to school. When his parents relent, the teasing and startled alarm of the young and old members of his school and neighbourhood community is depicted with little flair in…

Little Red Cap

The original Brothers Grimm's ‘Little Red Cap’ (the one where stones are put in the wolf’s belly), or ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ as it is better known in English, is published here in Neugebauer’s delightful ‘mini-minedition’ series. These are small books retelling traditional stories, beautifully formed, and despite their size, just bursting with visual goodies.…

Mirror Play: What am I?

Mirror Play is an invitation to engage. Each page has an abstract rotating shape. When combined with the mirror and rotated, these shapes transform into frogs, pandas, planes and more. Initially this seems like a simple book – there is no narrative to speak of, the illustrative style is bold and clear with lots of…

Our Planet

Lee’s board book offers a wordless tale of the way that humans treat, or, rather, mistreat, the planet. The book has a circular hole in the middle representing the Earth. Around the edges of that circle we see plant life developing, as the pages are turned, followed by the building of houses, environmental catastrophe and…

The Hare and The Hedgehog

This little-known Grimm brothers’ tale will please lovers of traditional stories but also, possibly, leave them uneasy. Hedgehog is insulted one Sunday morning by Hare. He challenges Hare to a race and there’s where our tale – and uneasiness – takes off. Hedgehog and his wife conspire to trick Hare, and they succeed. One moral…



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