Recommended Reads 2019


In September each year, Children’s Books Ireland launches our annual reading guide. Through this guide, we recommend the best books in all genres and age groups, enabling children and young people – with the help of a parent, guardian, grandparent, teacher or librarian – to find the right book for them.

Within this guide you’ll discover over 340 of the best books out this year, recommended for young readers by our expert reviewers. Each title has a ‘read also’ attached, so if you find a book you like, you will hopefully like the other recommended title too. In total, that’s almost 700 brilliant books to read. The guide is arranged in sections, firstly by age, starting with the babies’ section, moving all the way up to young adult, followed by the poetry, non-fiction and our themed section, which flows from young to older. Books from an Irish author, illustrator or publisher or in the Irish language are highlighted with a shamrock.

This year in the reading guide we’ve included a specially curated section on the theme of the environment – protecting it, celebrating it and embracing it. Our cover artist for 2019 is illustrator Peter Donnelly.


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