The Mind Yourself Reading Guide – Pack C


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Pack C contains:

2 x Children’s Books Ireland The Mind Yourself reading guide

5 x A2 Poster (folded)
240 x Stickers
200 x Bookmarks

NOTE A2 Posters are double-sided – English/Irish language

This item comes in a postal tube.


In October this year, Children’s Books Ireland will launch our annual reading guide. In light of the global pandemic, taking into account the added worries experienced by young readers, we have reimagined our annual reading guide to focus entirely on reading to improve mental wellbeing.

Through this guide, we recommend the best books under themes of mental health and wellbeing in all genres and age groups, enabling children and young people – with the help of a parent, guardian, grandparent, group leader or facilitator, teacher or librarian – to find the right book for them. The wider themes in the guide include: anxiety; understanding feelings; grief and loss; relationship with self – to include themes of identity and self-esteem; relationship with others – family, friendships, belonging, isolation etc; phobias and fears; body positivity; life-long illness; wellbeing – including coping skills and mechanisms, meditation, mindfulness, self-help etc.; depression – low mood, sadness.

Our partner on this project, youth mental health charity Jigsaw, has seen a 400% increase in demand for their online supports and had more than 4,000 teachers signed up to their mental health eLearning programme since March. The Mind Yourself reading guide addresses the need for parents and carers to discuss anxiety, loneliness and other mental health issues with children and young people.

The Mind Yourself reading guide will be a 120-page booklet reviewing excellent books for 0–18-year-olds, featuring advice from clinicians on looking after your mental health. The guide will help adults talk to children and young people about how they’re feeling and show them that others have felt the same way. The guide will be launched on World Mental Health Day (10th October), distributed through libraries, schools, bookshops and youth services.

This guide and campaign uniquely combines two goals: to encourage all children and young people to read great books for pleasure and to promote open communication about mental wellbeing, providing an invaluable prevention or early intervention tool, and to promote reading for pleasure, which National Literacy Trust (UK) research shows to be an indicator of better mental wellbeing.

The Mind Yourself reading guide will cover a broad range of issues which may be exacerbated by the pandemic and the conditions of lockdown, but which will also continue to exist post-Covid. It will help multiple adult audiences to start conversations about mental wellbeing with children and young people in any context, approaching potentially daunting topics from an arts (rather than health) perspective.

Within this guide you’ll discover over 440 recommended books for young readers by our expert reviewers. Each title has a ‘read also’ attached, so if you find a book you like, you will hopefully like the other recommended title too. In total, that’s almost 800 brilliant books to read. The guide is arranged in themed sections, and by age within those sections. Books from an Irish author, illustrator or publisher or in the Irish language are highlighted with a shamrock. A smaller ‘Best of Irish 2020’ reading guide will also be made freely available in PDF format on our website.

Our cover artist for 2020 will be revealed in late September.

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