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Hetty and the battle of the books - book cover

Hetty and the Battle of the Books

Hetty isn’t the only person in her school who loves the library but when you’ve fallen out with your friends, it’s not just a special place, it’s a safe place. Under the kindly wing of Mrs. Juster, the librarian, it’s the best kind of library; where all book-loving students can gather and a social hub for clubs to meet. The bookish bliss is disrupted by the awful news that funding for the library has been cut and the library will be closed. Hetty can’t let this happen but she knows she isn’t the kind of student that Principal McCarthy will listen to, so she needs the right kind of help.

Birdsong - book cover


Birdsong by Katya Balen truly offers a treat for all readers lucky enough to follow the story of our young protagonist Annie, as she is thrust suddenly into a life unknown. We meet Annie as she moves from her home to a new flat in the suburban jungle, as she and her mother recover from a car crash that recently threw their lives into turbulence.

The Horror of Dunwick Farm Cover Image

The Horror of Dunwick Farm

Our story opens with friends Krish, Pete, and Nancy attempting to focus on a biology lesson when an unusual incident disrupts their class and sets off a chain of events that catapult our protagonists to the epicentre of a gripping adventure. Hopping onto their bikes, and speeding through the sleepy village of Crooked Oak, our three heroes are about to become embroiled in a mystery worthy of their favourite website, the Mystery Shed, a source for strange and unexplained events. Faced with a daunting task of utmost importance, the young detectives must get to work!

The Mermaid in the Millpond Cover Image

The Mermaid in the Millpond

Bess has left the city of London for the workhouse following the death of her mother. Orphaned and alone, Bess is forced to leave all she knows behind for a life as an indentured worker with other children in a cotton mill. Her life at the workhouse is cruel and demanding with very little joy, the hours and work are physically demanding, and the adults in charge are awful. Rumors start to spread about a vicious creature that lurks in the millpond. Bess is sure it is all tall tales, until she sees a strange silhouette in the water.

Book Cover - Second Best Friend

Second Best Friend

Jade and Becky are the best of friends, until a nasty comment from her ex causes Jade to compare herself to Becky. Jade starts to realise how often she comes second to her best friend. When the two girls find themselves standing against each other in the school’s general election, is this Jade’s chance to finally come first? But at what cost?

Book Cover - Hari and His Electric Feet

Hari and His Electric Feet

Hari and his Electric Feet is the latest offering from celebrated author Alexander McCall Smith. It is the story of an Indian boy bringing joy to others through the medium of dance.

Book Cover - Worry Angels

Worry Angels

There have been so many changes in Amy-May’s young life. The family has separated from her wonderful, yet troubled artist Dad; they’ve moved house far from her lovely cottage with a garden and fresh sea air; and now, she is so filled with anxiety, she can’t go to school. It’s just too much for her.

Book Cover - The Climbers

The Climbers

Sully is the best climber in his village, and he has built his identity around this accolade, but his status is under threat from newcomer Nottingham. In The Climbers, Gray explores the dynamics of growing up in a small village where his main character’s reputation as the best climber seems more important to Sully than anything else.

Book Cover - Mariella Queen of the Skies

Mariella Queen of the Skies

Mariella is a talented inventor, the only problem is that something is interrupting her thinking and inventing time…

Eoin Colfer has created an engaging and witty story about the bane of every child’s existence – bedtime.

Book Cover - The Tiger on his Back

The Tiger on his Back

Barrington Stoke specialise in books suitable for emergent, reluctant and dyslexic readers. Ashley utilises clear, vivid and succinct language to create a coming of age story which is brief and to the point. Though short, the text contains important themes such as self-identity, honesty and independence.