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Book Cover - Wonder-Vet


This book tells the fascinating story of remarkable Irish-born Aleen Cust. As a child, she loved being outdoors and caring for animals. Her grandmother, who was a writer, artist and an avid cat lover, shared her passion for animals. Aleen went on to become the first female veterinary student in Edinburgh in 1900. Although top of her class, as the only woman she was met with many challenges.

The Song of Brigids Cloak - book cover

The Song of Brigid's Cloak

St. Brigid and her cloak is familiar tale to many, but this new version is a feast for the eyes and ears! Written in rhyme, young readers can enjoy the lyrical lines on each page. Brigid’s quest to build a church for her fellow people is initially met with disgust, and the furrowed brows and angry face of the King of Leinster. Resourceful as ever, Brigid hatches a clever plan to gain the land she needs. With the help of her trusty friends, each takes a corner of her cloak and runs north, south, east or west. The reader watches as the cloak covers more and more land.

Book Cover - Glorious Goddesses of Ancient Ireland

Glorious Goddesses of Ancient Ireland

Glorious Goddesses of Ancient Ireland guides us through nine ancient Irish goddesses, thoughtfully discussed and sumptuously illustrated. An engaging introduction weaves the ancient landscape around us and invites us to the back pages to explore a map and glossary of terms. This lovely back and forth brings us right into the book – visualising, figuring out, fully engaging with the information at hand.