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Book cover - Shakespeare: Great Lives In Graphics

Shakespeare: Great Lives in Graphics

Shakespeare: Great Lives in Graphics is an engaging and exciting read, with just enough gruesome titbits on Tudor England to fascinate young readers. Laid out in the style of an infographic, this book shares a surprising wealth of information on the Bard himself as well as the time he lived in. Children will enjoy comparing their own experience of school to those of Tudor children, as well as how stagecraft and special effects were created 423 years ago.

Book Cover - Plant, Sow, Make and Grow

Plant, Sow, Make and Grow

Plant, Sow, Make and Grow is an activity book for budding gardeners with a simple low-stress approach to producing fruit, vegetables and flowers. Packed full of information and easily achievable activities, Plant, Sow, Make and Grow will tempt everyone to get outside and start growing a garden of their own.

Book Cover - Discovering Architecture

Discovering Architecture

Perhaps it is the lasting popularity of books such as Iggy Peck, Architect, but architecture seems to be cropping up more often as a topic for children’s books lately. The worthy subject is certainly made appealing in this beautifully crafted book. From the endpapers that resemble blue-prints to the plans for buildings on Mars, this survey of architecture packs a lot into one book.

Book Cover - In The City

In The City

The city is a place full of noises, sounds, smells… a bustling haven for the senses, and the present picturebook by Dominika Lipniewska conveys this idea most perfectly! Here, geometrical shapes and primary colours come together to pay tribute to the beauty of life in the city.

Book Cover - Be Your Best Self: Life Skills for Unstoppable Kids

Be Your Best Self: Life Skills for Unstoppable Kids

When visiting a school, Paralympic gold medalist Danielle Brown was asked by seven-year-old Nathan Kai if she had ever written a book for children about being their best selves, thus the idea of Be Your Best Self was created and then co-authored by both.

Book Cover - The Jungle Crew

The Jungle Crew

‘Inside the leafy jungle, in the dappled light,/ there’s endless mischief going on/ throughout the day and night.’ This is part of a series of educational board books exploring the animals of different environments around the world. In this book, the jungles of South America are explored. The Jungle Crew introduces a host of colourful forest inhabitants. The five animals featured are a monkey, tiger, tree frog, parrot and toucan. Through rhyme and pictures, kids get to see where they live, what they eat and how to identify them.