Chicken House

No Place for Monsters Cover Image

No Place for Monsters

The little town of Cowslip Grove seems to be safe and orderly, full of neat gardens and tidy streets. That is, until two mismatched friends, Levi and Kat, discover a dark and terrifying secret beneath the surface: children are going missing, and nobody even realises it. Everyone—their family, their teachers, their friends—has forgotten they even existed!

Book Cover - Sisters of the Lost Marsh

Sisters of the Lost Marsh

In Hollow-in-the-Marsh, a village where reading and writing are frowned upon, we meet six sisters whose futures are being shaped by fear and superstition. Life is full of hard work for Willa, Grace and Freya and their three younger sisters. All six live in fear of their obsessively superstitious father, and with their mother gone, their futures seem hopeless.

The Map of Leave Cover Image

The Map of Leaves

Orla Carson has closed herself off from the world when her Ma died. All she wants is to be left alone in her garden with her horse and the plants whose whispers she understands. But when a mysterious illness comes to the village of Thorn Creek and the blame is cast on nature and the wild, she must leave and embark on a journey in search of a cure. With only her Ma’s book of plants and remedies as a guide, she must begrudgingly team up with Idris and Ariana, who are hunting for the cure for their own reasons.

Aarti and the Blue Gods Cover Image

Aarti and the Blue Gods

Aarti and Aunt live in a state of anxious self-sufficiency on Aunt’s Scottish island. Aunt apparently rescued orphaned Aarti, and took her to safety away from ‘a world full of bad, cruel things.’

Ajay and the Mumbai Sun Cover Image

Ajay and the Mumbai Sun

When Ajay, a young Mumbai orphan, realises his dream of becoming a journalist - thanks to an abandoned printing press and the help of his friends in creating their own paper - he uncovers political corruption which threatens the city's slum dwellers.

Nisha's War Cover Image

Nisha's War

It’s 1942 and Nisha has travelled a long way. Her first journey takes her from a privileged and happy childhood in Malaya to the stark, grey, frightening home of her grandmother on England’s Barrow Island. Her other journey is from a child refugee suffering from PTSD, barely able to speak, to a blossoming young girl who has found courage, hope, and honesty. Both journeys are cleverly and intricately woven together.

Jummy at the River School Cover Image

Jummy at the River School

A joyful romp through the complexities of socioeconomic class in colourful 1990s Nigeria, Jummy at the River School follows Jummy as she wins and accepts a place at a prestigious boarding school. She is thrilled to explore this new world of friendly faces, midnight feasts, and fierce athletic competitions, but it is a struggle leaving her best friend behind to work with her family.

Book Cover - Amy Chelsea Stacie Dee

Amy Chelsea Stacie Dee

A young girl gets off a bus, just like hundreds of other young girls, but this one is different. Amy was abducted with her best friend six years ago and now she is making her way home.

Book Cover - The Ash House

The Ash House

Cardboard Cowboys tells the story of Lenny Lambert, a troubled but kind-hearted boy in his first year of secondary school in Scotland. Lenny is having a hard time in school: his classmates make fun of him because of his weight and he is struggling with the absence of his brother, Frankie. His parents refuse to speak about Frankie, and Lenny feels intense guilt over the situation (which we are not told about for the majority of the book) and finds himself feeling increasingly isolated – from his school, his parents and Frankie himself.

Book Cover - The Peculiar Tale of the Tentacle Boy

The Peculiar Tale of the Tentacle Boy

In a town obsessed with fish, the only way to have some fun is to use your imagination, and Marina certainly knows how to do that. When this teller of tall and exciting tales discovers a boy with tentacles for hair and crab claws for hands living on a dark and haunted pier swaying dangerously in the rough seas, for once she doesn’t have to make something exciting up. Nothing is going to stop her from helping him to solve the mystery of his birth and the disappearance of his mysterious fisherman.