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Book Cover: Banshee Rising

Banshee Rising

Caitlyn McCabe lives in fear of any of her classmates touching her and discovering her strange secret. That is until Professor Sackimun Brody orchestrates a school-related trip in order to meet her. Caitlyn subsequently learns there is more to her gift and more to her parents’ past than she ever realised. She steps into the Second Realm and discovers something sinister is leaking in from the Third Realm, that if unleashed, will compromise the order of all three.

Book Cover - The Halloween House

The Halloween House

Riley Cain enlists some literary magic to provide a countdown of poems for Halloween, in a book which is brightly written and vividly illustrated. Poems range from the lighthearted (a house inhabited by mummies and Banshees), to the wonderfully absurd (sweet-loving Vikings) to the genuinely haunting (The Phantom Highwayman).

Book Cover - Mythical Irish Wonders

Mythical Irish Wonders

In this companion book to Mythical Irish Beasts, Mark Joyce delves into lesser-known myths of the Irish folklore. From the island of Hy-Brasil to the King with a silver arm and a woman who was turned into a pool of water, this book is a treasure trove of bizarre, magical and awe-inspiring tales and an overall delightful read. Although it is aimed at younger readers, it is far from over-simplified or pandering to its readership: on the contrary.